Home-in is your digital home buying concierge that simplifies the stressful and complex process of buying a home—designed to support you every step of the way by bringing everything you needs together in one place.

Home-in allows you to seamlessly navigate the home buying journey with your dedicated team from helping shortlist homes, getting a loan pre-approved, making an offer, connecting securely to professionals, including conveyancing and building inspections, to settling on your dream home.

A first of it's kind - a digital home buying concierge.

Home-in is an all-in-one virtual home buying concierge that can simplify the complex process of buying your next home.

Why do home buyers use us?

We want to simplify and guide you in your home buying journey.

We are trusted and respected.
A buying assistant there when you need them.
We work with only the best lawyers and partners.
Our app is easy to use and we keep things simple.
We allow you to focus on the important stuff.
Our prices are competitive and transparent.
Our app
We have one of the highest-rated real estate apps on the App Store and Google Play.
Our pricing
Our conveyancing and building inspection prices are transparent and competitive.
Our people
A home buying assistant and service providers respond to queries with the touch of a button.
Download the app and get started today.

By your side from home buyer to homeowner.

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