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Home buying is hard, we make it simpler.

We’re ready to fundamentally change the way you buy and settle into your next home. Home-in gives you a personalised digital experience and your own support team so you can purchase with confidence.

Home buyers deserve a better experience. We’ve built it.

It's a BIG deal

Buying a home is not only one of the largest financial decisions you’ll ever make, it’s also a complex process full of challenges and stress. Home-in is designed to simplify everything.

Buy simpler

Home-in puts you at the centre of your journey with smart technology to help you navigate the purchase process, stay informed and reach settlement with certainty.

Promising results

We are rolling out Nationally after an
awesome closed beta where we helped real people into their homes – with almost
$100m in properties purchased.

Key features

Buying a home has been a stressful and complex process for too long. Home-in simplifies it, letting you focus on what matters to you – enjoying your new home.
A simpler home buying experience

Dynamic and personalised Buying Guide with all the information you need

Tailored information and industry tips

Timely notifications and status updates

Supporting you every step of the way

Dedicated Buying Assistant – a real person, there to help

Timely and helpful responses to your queries

Access the right guidance at the right time

Easy access to the services you need
Great value and transparent pricing

Reliable and professional service providers

Growing set of available services
Your team in one place
Know who is doing what and when

Collaborate securely with in-app messaging

Store property documents in one convenient place

We are a customer focussed team working with smart technology and great service providers to bring you Home-in.

We are determined to deliver the best home buying experience by supporting an expanding group of customer centric providers through the Home-in platform.
We will be adding more service providers.
We will be adding more service providers.
We will be adding more service providers.
We will be adding more service providers.
We will be adding more service providers.
We will be adding more service providers.
We will be adding more service providers.

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Please email us if you’d like to buy using Home-in, provide your services to customers through the Home-in platform, or simply learn more.
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"Thank you and to the team who assisted us in the whole buying process. We're so happy that the property is now settled!"

- First home buyer

"Our settlement and also move to new home was totally seamless…we are really happy!"

- Joint purchasers

"I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the team for the great support, helping us go through one of the most complicated milestones in our lives."

- Sydney apartment buyer