Home-in for CommBank lenders.

Home-in is a digital home buying concierge that uses innovative technology to simplify the complex process of buying a home for your customers. It helps them easily navigate the purchase process, from property checks on a home they're interested in through to getting a contract review and settling on the property.

Let's simplify home buying for your customers.

Home-in allows your customers to seamlessly navigate the home buying journey.


Info to keep your customers engaged.

Keeps you, the lender, in the loop at all times and offers a clear picture of your customer's journey. Making it easier for you to guide and communicate with them at just the right time.

A top rated app and with high NPS.

Providing the best service and tools for customers is a key commitment for us. Home-in is a highly rated app and  one of the highest net promoter scores in the industry.

Home Dollar

Providing data to optimise your conversion.

Home-in also helps improve your home loan conversion rates by helping better understand the customer. And knowing exactly when they are getting serious about a property.

Simplify the complex process of buying a home for customers.

When your customers use Home-in, they know at all times what needs to happen next. They have easy in-app access to their entire team, including their buying assistant, a real person who provides them with end-to-end support.

Easy access to the services they need.

Innovative app technology helps home buyers navigate the purchase process easily by leveraging great service providers including conveyancers and building inspectors and aligning them with your home loan application process.

Why CommBank lenders recommend Home-in to customers.

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I think the biggest benefit is that if a customer inputs an address into the Home-in app, we get notified immediately. It's an incredible chance for us to just pick up the phone.

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Parisa Mardeen

CommBank Home Lending Executive

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The most effective time to introduce this homing app is at the first interview… I normally introduce Home-in as part of my agenda.

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Bishwa Chakravartee

CommBank Home Lending Executive